Two Reasons to Become a Learning Organization

In order to survive and thrive today, all organizations MUST become learning organizations. Why? While there are many reasons, this blog focuses on two ‘big picture’ reasons for those seriously considering converting to learning organizations.

Times are competitive and you need to work smarter, not harder.

There is too much information for organizations to just take in, instead they must become collaborative and team oriented. Knowledge needs to be shared and must be system-wide. It is urgency for learning organizations to craft and implement procedures and processes to change from organizations of before to 21st Century learning organizations. Because everything is connected globally or to everything, times demand the ability to see the world as a complex being. Also, technology has changed the way we work and live. People need to be trained and experienced at every level in every field,, from fast-food places to high-tech corporations. And if knowledgeable about the way it works, learning organizations will work smarter, and not harder to get the job done!

Human nature requires continuous learning for achievement.

Talented people are assets. The key to growing and becoming successful organizations is to allow members of its teams to self-reflect and grow at its free will. If learning organizations are cognizant of designing effective processes, the investment will be impacting, and the learning will not be seen as “coerced”. Members will buy in because they will see the personal benefits as well as the advancement of its organization.

We must look at the barriers to becoming a learning organization and develop life-long learning practices to be successful. The time is NOW to create a culture in our organizations that encourages and supports employee learning and risk-taking with innovations and impart that knowledge system-wide.

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